Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Bloom Carroll April 5,2008

The prom was at North Bank Park Pavalion, it was right on the river and they were able to go outside and enjoy the view of the river.It was a chilly evening. The girls waited until all the boys were there before coming down.They came in one at a time.
~Andrew(lhs-sr)&Hillary(bchs-jr)~Lyon(fuhs-jr)&Hilary(bchs-jr)~Brad(bchs-soph) &Sydni(bchs-jr)~Blake(Bchs-jr) &Alex(bchs-jr)~Zip(lhs-jr) &Kristen(bchs-jr)

Hillary,Hilary & Kristen

They went to Martini's in Columbus for dinner

Andrew & Hillary

Hillary told me she is actually holding him thus the scared look on his face and the guys behind her are there in case she falls or drops him.

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