Friday, February 6, 2009

RJ & Anne's Wedding

RJ & ANNE had a beautiful wedding in Cleveland May of 2008. We spent the weekend there taking a mini vacation.

The Reception was at Mooreland Mansion. The girls explored the place from top to bottom taking a tour and then giving other wedding members tours. We were impressed they knew that much about the place. Then they told us someone who worked there gave them a tour. HA

They enjoyed checking out every nook and cranny and found beautiful gardens with a pond. Uncle Mike says they jumped a fence so they could be closer to the flowers they wanted to smell.

Uncle Mike, Tom, Hillary, Zoe, Kenzie & Vincent

Taking a walk with Uncle Larry to get his car but they barely kept up with him and just goofed off and played along the way. They were there for 7 hours our so so they were ready to find a new place to explore but not brave enough to go to far on their own.

Uncle Sonny came out to go get his car and I wanted to take a picture. They decide that it would
be fun to be jumping with Uncle Sonny.

Bernie,Della & Aunt Lucy

Vincent, Steve & Stacy
Dancing with Daddy

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