Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Easter was a Beautiful Day but a lil chilly. We all went to Larry & Kellie's house and she made a wonderful Easter dinner that everyone enjoyed very much. We did miss Brittany as she had to work at Children's Hospital. We also missed Pete and Mindy and Amber as always. When everyone is not there its like there are pieces missing.

Zoe and Canon Hunted for Easter eggs that Hillary and Makenzie Hid. Next year Park will be hunting eggs also. He is getting soo big hard to believe he will be a year next month.

Uncle Larry, Hillary & Makenzie ended up having a tickle fight on the couch.

Uncle Larry, Luke, Colin, and the girls ended up throwing plastic Easter eggs at each other for quite a while they were quite wild. There were plastic eggs all over the living room. Canon was really enoying the jelly beans he seems to love them.

Hillary, Zach & Makenzie

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